Internet browser is necessary to work with the system. Write the system address in the address bar and press button [Go] in the internet browser, or button [Enter] in the keyboard. System login window appears on the screen (Figure 4).

To log in the system follow these actions:

  1. Enter BRS approved user name / e-mail id in field [User Id / E-Mail Id] and password in field [Password]. If you don�t have E-signature, you can request it using function described in section �2. New User Registration�.
  2. Click the 'Go' button.

Table2. Description of Login Window

  1. If data you entered are not valid, information message appears: The user name or password you entered is incorrect.
  2. If you forgot the password, click link Forgot Password? in order to request a new E-signature. Detailed description of this function is in section 4. Forgot Password.
  3. If the data you entered are valid, you are logged in. Main system window appears on the screen with a 'Welcome' message and [Home] button default selected from the left menu.
  4. On the right top left of the window, there is user information presented. Next to user first and last name, user name that was used to log in the system is shown.
  1. When actions in the system are finished, click the button Log Out present in the left menu of the system window. You will be logged out and the login window will be opened.